How to Win with Scratchcards

How to Win with Scratchcards

  1. Buy Tickets From Unpopular Shops

Every new roll of scratch cards has a certain number of winners guaranteed. Every time a person buys a ticket from the roll, the probability of any one of the buyers winning goes down. So stay away from busy shops that sell many tickets a day. If you buy from a less popular store instead, the pool is smaller and your chance of winning thus higher!

  1. Check The Lotto Page For Games Won

As already mentioned, each scratch card roll has a certain number of guaranteed winners. However, there is nothing stopping sellers from continuing to sell cards after all the prizes have been won. Don’t make the mistake of buying tickets from a roll with no more wins. Before you buy, check the My Lotto “Instant Kiwi” page to see which games still have prizes remaining. Pick a game with lots of prizes still available!

  1. Once You’ve Picked, Stick To Your Game

If you are going to buy a number of scratch cards, your odds for winning are much higher if you buy them all from the same game than if you spread them out over a number of games. This just makes sense – each time you buy a ticket from the same game, you will either win or one more losing card will be out of the pool, bringing you closer to a winning card. The more cards you buy from one game, the higher your odds of winning.

  1. Buy In Bulk

This isn’t just a good money saving strategy when doing grocery shopping, it can actually improve your odds of winning at scratch cards! The odds of hitting a win increase if you have a number of scratch cards in a row rather than spread out at different points in the roll. The maths of this is a little more complicated than in the previous tip, but it’s true! So if you’re planning on buying multiple cards, buy them all at once rather than over multiple trips to the shop.

  1. Don’t Throw Out Old Cards

This tip might seem a little odd – if it’s a losing card, it’s a losing card, right? Wrong! How often do we miss important details, especially if we are in an excited mood, which we no doubt are when checking scratch cards? Keep your scratch cards and check them again a few days later – you might find that you missed a winning card! In addition, sometimes manufacturers pick a “best loser” card if no-one buys the jackpot card. So don’t be that person who threw away a losing card that turned out to be a winner!

Bonus Tip: Know Your Odds!

This seems to go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people jump into an online casino keno game without thinking about their odds of winning carefully. This applies to almost all forms of gambling, and it’s no different for scratch cards. Always choose smart by comparing different games for their odds of winning and the payouts you can get from them. Now go out there and play smart!