Instant Win Games vs. Table Games

Instant Win Games vs. Table Games

In terms of casinos, the primary type of instant win games are pokies or slot machines. However, casinos do offer others, such as keno, and online casinos offer a very wide range. Scratch cards and other lottery games are another form of instant win games. Instant win games offer quick rewards, and tend to be based on luck.

Table Games

When we talk about table games, we usually talk about all the usual card games, such as Blackjack and Poker, dice games, such as Craps and Sic Bo, and other games like roulette. Table games generally require a little more time and concentration, and are often all about skill and strategising.

Skill Or Luck?

Instant win games are generally primarily based on luck. You cannot influence what numbers a pokie machine reel will land on with any skills you might posess. And while there are ways to make your odds for winning at scratch cards better, these are more about canny betting than actually applying skill to a game.

Table, games, on the other hand, tend to be based on skill and strategising. This is especially true for card games like Blackjack in Canada. In fact, with Blackjack, one can actually reduce the house edge by playing the right strategy for every hand. These are games that take time to really get good at, and seasoned players tend to be good ones. Of course, some people may also have a natural talent for strategising.

However, some table games are also based on luck rather than skill. You cannot influence the outcome of a roulette wheel without cheating, and excluding some very rare dice throwers, you cannot influence which side the dice will land on. However, even though dice games like craps are based on luck, they do typically take some time to learn and understand. Moreover, these games do all have betting strategies that can minimize losses and make the best of wins. Instant win games, on the other hand, are almost entirely in the hands of fate.

Which Offers Better Rewards?

It is impossible to categorically say whether instant win games or table games offer better rewards, it is all a matter of how you play the game. While instant win games offer quicker and easier rewards, table games offer more potential to influence the outcome. So if you want a simple game that does not require to much brain power, go for an instant win game. If you enjoy strategizing and want to have more control over your chances of winning, hit the tables.

Differences Within The Categories

Although there are some general differences between instant win and table games, there are also many differences within the different types of instant win games and different types of table games. Many instant win games, like pokies offer many rewards and instant payouts. However, the chances of winning big rewards when it comes to scratch cards are much lower. So to find the right game for you, its all about thinking about where your skills lie and what you find fun. After all, having fun is what casinos are all about.