Betting on Cricket Online

Cricket is a very involved sport which offers bettors many different types of instances to bet on. There is far more than simply who wins when it comes to betting on the sport which is why it is deemed one of the more popular sports to bet on.

The cricket season includes a variety of different series and tournaments and, even though the sport is not popular to play in all the countries of the world, it is a sport bet on globally. The online platform has given bettors access to bet far in advance and live as the matches play out.

There may be hundreds of online sportsbooks that offer bettors the opportunity to bet on cricket events but they are not all equal. Bettors owe it to themselves to find only the best, most trusted online sportsbooks where they will find the safest environment to bet and the best range of betting options and odds.

These recommended online sportsbooks will also have several convenient banking options available, they accept a variety of currencies, have the most generous welcome bonuses and offer helpful customer support. They have the widest range of platforms for cricket bettors such as mobile betting and live betting.

Common Online Bets for Cricket Bettors

There are several different outcomes to consider on the sport of cricket and practically all of them may be bet on. The best online sportsbooks offering cricket betting to bettors around the world will almost always offer the most common types of bets but it is always important to be sure the type of bet one may be looking for is definitely offered.

It is common for bettors, especially beginners, to bet on the outright winners of a series or tournament. This can also include the team to win the best out of three or five matches. Some of the tournament’s most bet on are the Twenty20, the World Cup and the ISS Champions Trophy.

Match bets are also quite popular and consist of betting on the winner of a single match. It is possible to bet on a match resulting in a tie which can also be a side bet for a match bet in case a match ends with no winner.

Exotic Types of Online Bets for Cricket

Exotic cricket bets may differ between the online cricket betting sites but they tend to offer a wide range of them. Exotic bets are those that involve instances throughout a match, series or tournament. They do not include outright winners but can include just about anything else.

Exotic cricket bets include betting on which team will win the toss, whether run scores will be odd or even, what the first inning scores will be, the total runs a particular team will have made by the end of a match and the series scores.

These types of bets also include which cricket players will be named top batsman and top bowler, which teams these top players belong to, the number of wickets a chosen player may take, which player will reach 50 runs first and even who will be named man of the match.